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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to hire a car?
• Drivers Licence readable in English/International Drivers Licence
• Passport / SA Identity Document
• Aged over 23 & licence issued more than 2 years

Do you charge for an additional driver?
No, we allow one additional driver at no extra charge when renting a vehicle.

Can I collect and return a vehicle at the Cape Town Airport?
Yes. We meet and greet all flights and our Rental Agents will assist you with luggage and
personally show you to your car. The return details will be explained to you on delivery of your car.

Do you charge for delivery and collection (Pick up / Drop off)?
We offer free delivery and collection within a radius of 25 kms from our offices in Maitland during normal office hours. Cars delivered after office hours incur a Late Delivery Fee of R150. Vehicles which are left at the Cape Town airport on departure incur a parking fee of R50.

Are there any hidden costs?
No. You will only be charged for what is agreed in the rental car Agreement eg, daily rate including Standard insurance, Reduced Excess Waiver if required, excess kilometres if applicable (300 free per day for rentals of +2 days or more) once off Contract Fee, any additional services ie babyseat, GPS, delivery fee and fuel.

Do I need a credit card?
Yes. We do require a credit card when renting a vehicle.

What is the minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is 24 hours, with a return grace period of 1 hour.

What if I require assistance during the time I have your rental car?
We have a 24 hour phone number that will be given to you on hand over of the vehicle. This is printed on your keyring and should also be programmed into your mobile phone.

Can I extend my rental?
You may extend your rental car subject to availability. A request for extension of rental must
be made prior to termination of your current agreement.

Is there a difference between Standard Insurance and Reduced Excess Waiver?
When renting a vehicle the Excess is the amount payable in the event of loss or major damage to the vehicle. Reduced Excess Waiver costs slightly more but the Excess payable is reduced by approximately 75%. In the event of minor damage you will only pay for the cost of that damage.

Can I smoke in your vehicles?
All our vehicles are strictly non smoking vehicles. Should you smoke in our vehicle, there is no cheap option. The interior of the car will be steam cleaned at hirers expense.

Do I pay for fuel?
Yes. For your convenience all vehicles leave our depot in Maitland Cape Town with a full tank of fuel and are refuelled at the hirers expense, on return to the Depot. There is no charge for this service and you will only pay for the fuel dispensed as we have our own petrol pumps on site.

Do you offer one-way rentals?
Regrettably we do not have offices in other cities and are only Cape Town based, so are
unable to offer this service. Other rental companies ie Hertz or Tempest may be able to assist you.

Do you own your own fleet of vehicles?
Yes. Being a private car rental company all the vehicles on our fleet belong to us. This enables us to personally ensure that they are delivered to you in first class condition and to respond promptly to your requirements.

Can the hire vehicles be taken outside the borders of South Africa?
No. Our insurance cover is limited to South Africa.

Do you rent luxury cars?
Luxury car hire eg Mercedes and BMW etc. is not our line of business. We do have 5 seat Sedan and MPV’s in automatic or manual with all the comfort features.

Can I deduct the cost of insurance if it is covered by my Credit Card?
No. Our vehicles are all insured and the cost of Standard Insurance is included in our daily rate in order to recoup the cost of the insurance. We cannot insure and uninsure vehicles.

Can I claim a VAT Refund on my car hire expenses when I leave the country?
No. You can only claim VAT refunds on purchases that you are taking out of the country. There is no VAT refund on services.

Who is Scenic Car Hire?
Scenic car hire is an owner-managed car rental business situated in the heart of Cape Town. We are car hire specialists with over 20 year experience in South Africa. We understand the needs of visitors and tourists and can offer a full service in car hire and more. With our full fleet of well-maintained vehicles and up to accommodating groups up to seven people, we are able to service the needs of all travellers at very competitive rates.

We will supply you with all the information that you require and directions on the best routes to take. So don’t hesitate and take the Scenic Route.

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